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Welchman Keen Welcomes Siok Tan as Head of Space and Spectrum Affairs

Welchman Keen is pleased to welcome telecommunications expert, Siok Tan, as Head of Space and Spectrum Affairs. With 15 years of experience in research and global government affairs consultancy industries, Siok’s appointment will serve to boost the firm’s work in advancing space and spectrum sustainability.  


Given the burgeoning growth of the new space sector, it is even more critical for stakeholders to promote responsible and efficient use of spectrum resources in space-based telecommunication to minimise interference and maximise the longevity and effectiveness of satellite communications. Siok’s expertise in global policy advocacy and experience with non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) satellite constellations are a value-add that will help drive Welchman Keen’s market access reach across the globe.  


Tym Kurpeta, Partner and Managing Director, EMEA adds, “Siok’s wealth of expertise will serve to strengthen Welchman Keen’s market access and spectrum advisory capabilities across APAC and EMEA, as well as help advance our clients’ policy and market objectives. We especially look forward to furthering Welchman Keen’s mission of enabling safe, secure, ethical, and sustainable access to connectivity in developing countries, by supporting them in navigating and harnessing the ever-evolving technology landscape for the benefit of local communities. We welcome Siok to our global team.”  


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