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Welchman Keen is now a Singapore Certified B Corp

B Corp Certified businesses meet impeccable standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency, and are a testament to conducting business beyond profit-driven models and as a sustainable force for good. Welchman Keen is proud to join 31 companies in Singapore, who have also received this certification since 2015.

Life at Welchman Keen

Our people are our highest priority and greatest assets. Hence, we have designed our work culture to revolve around our individual lives.

With unlimited flex time as our core operating principle, working from home is not simply
a perk; it is the norm.

For us, quality matters over quantity. We are not fixated on billable hours.
Rather, we focus on working as a team and delivering results.

Our commitment to community


Welchman Keen was established with the principal goal of making universal connectivity
a reality. Through our work in helping developing countries around the world develop better connectivity policy and build capacity and digital literacy, remote communities gain the ability to be connected, bringing opportunities for education, work and access to medical and government services.

With our emphasis on sustainability, we work with stakeholders to implement projects that are designed to last, regardless of societal, political, or economic changes. As policy and market access consultants, we build trust and develop close relationships with policy makers to effect positive change.

Our commitment to communities goes beyond business. As a company, we affirm the importance of charity and philanthropy. WKers are highly encouraged to utilise their unlimited flex time to give back to their local community. Specifically, we invite them to commit a minimum 20 hours a year to engage in philanthropic work. It is our hope that, in doing so, we can collectively create greater social impact for those around us.

Our commitment to the environment


As a small, service-focussed company, the overall environmental impact of our operations is minimal. Nevertheless, we continuously strive to improve our operations by periodically assessing our impact. This includes working with our workspace providers to ensure that our facilities adhere to green building standards, as well as minimising travel and commutes to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.  


Why are we doing this? Because ultimately, it is the little things that make a difference. Read more about our commitment to our people and the planet in our our Code of Ethics and Virtual Office Stewardship.


Global impact

Headquartered in Singapore, we have a presence across six continents through three offices. Read more about what we do on our Global Impact page.

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