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Welchman Keen's latest Whitepaper on Regulatory Reform - New Rules for Boosting Investments in Fibre and 5G Networks is now available.

The Gigabit Infrastructure Act is the European Commission’s plan of action for the efficient use of passive infrastructure among European Union Member States. Welchman Keen actively tracks the navigation process and preparations for implementing this new regulation. This analysis is the first in a series on forthcoming trends in passive infrastructure access and investments, for the benefit of clients and stakeholders in the technology, media and telecom (TMT) sector.

Welchman Keen Continues to Invest in Cybersecurity Capacity Building for Developing Nations

Welchman Keen is pleased to announce its second pledge of in-kind cybersecurity capacity-building programmes, valued at USD 480,000. As part of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)’s Partner2Connect (P2C) Digital Coalition, the contribution is a continuation of the company’s efforts to raise cybersecurity capacity and capabilities in Developing Countries (DCs) and Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

Welchman Keen’s Commitment to Cybersecurity Capacity Building in the Developing World

Welchman Keen is ramping up its participation at this year’s ITU Regional Development Forum (RDF) in Bangkok, 13–15 September 2023, as both a panel speaker and sponsor. Being in the business of enabling sustainable, right-sized connectivity solutions, Welchman Keen recognises the significance of events like RDF in fostering digital development and cybersecurity capabilities in developing countries.

Welchman Keen has achieved the significant milestone of becoming a Certified B Corp in Singapore.

B Corp Certified businesses meet impeccable standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency, and are a testament to conducting business beyond profit-driven models and as a sustainable force for good. Welchman Keen is proud to join 31 companies in Singapore, who have also received this certification since 2015.

Interview: Strengthening Bhutan's Cybersecurity Posture

In an interview with the Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Philip Victor, Managing Director, APAC, spoke about the global cybersecurity landscape and how Bhutan can improve its cybersecurity posture, especially in the area of data protection and critical infrastructure protection.

Welchman Keen’s latest whitepaper on Regulatory Reform - The Missing Piece to Achieving Seamless Connectivity and Digital Transformation is now available.

The theme of the upcoming ITU Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR-23) is ‘Regulation for a Sustainable Digital Future’. The symposium presents an exceptional opportunity for regulators and industry to discuss the role of electronic communications in bridging the digital divide to achieve worldwide connectivity and sustainable digital transformation.

Global Tech Advisory Firm, Welchman Keen Welcomes Marcin City as Market Access Head, EMEA

Welchman Keen is pleased to welcome Former Regulator and Commissioner of the United Nations (UN) Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, Marcin Cichy, joins Welchman Keen as Head of Market Access, EMEA.


We believe in making a lasting impact through our work. Get the latest updates about our work in enabling global connectivity and our support for sustainable development initiatives worldwide.

Welchman Keen appoints Tymoteusz Kurpeta as Partner and Managing Director, EMEA

Welchman Keen is pleased to announce the appointment of Tymoteusz (Tym) Kurpeta as Partner and Managing Director, EMEA. Tym will lead the market access portfolio for clients across the region, with a particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and other emerging markets.

Global Tech Advisory Firm, Welchman Keen welcomes Istvan Bozsoki as Senior Spectrum Advisor.

Welchman Keen is pleased to welcome Mr Istvan Bozsoki as Senior Spectrum Advisor. Istvan is a seasoned telecommunication specialist with over two decades of experience in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Welchman Keen’s latest whitepaper on Critical Information Infrastructure is now available.

Welchman Keen’s whitepaper on ‘Safeguarding Critical Information Infrastructure: Risks and Opportunities’ is now available. As technology advances, industries are increasingly digitised and connected. Critical sectors such as oil and gas, healthcare and finance rely on networks and technology for their daily operations. This makes them highly susceptible to cyberattacks, which can be detrimental on a national scale. Find out more in the whitepaper to know what is needed to safeguard cyberspace.

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